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INFLUENCE: Good or Bad?

Lot lived in a corrupt and wicked city for years. He became a well-known individual in his community. A sinful community that the Lord God was about to destroy for its evilness.

He went to his daughters and son-in-laws to warn them about the oncoming destruction. They were not convinced and they stayed. Lot, knowing of the oncoming calamity, had a hard time leaving himself. The angels had to grab him and his family by the hand and pull them from Sodom.

During this Black History Month, I wonder how much of an influence we have on our families. We see the effects of the corruptness that is effecting our community. It is rampid, it is widespread, and it is having a hugh effect on our families.

As a Christian Black man, we should have a respected influence in our community.  Jesus said “Let men see your good works…” There ought to be a difference in our lifestyle than those of the world.  “We are in the world, but we are not of the world.”

Lot lived as if he was part of the corruption. Perhaps, as Paul said, he was one who “approved of those who practiced those sins.” In our hood, there are men who live this same way.  They drink with them, they smoke them, they use drugs with them and they party with them. And then, there are those men who don’t do those things with them, but we live as if we do.

When danger was pronounced, Lot went to tell his sons-in-law to leave.  He could not convince them, nor his daughters who married them.  Perhaps his influence was not enough for them to believe.

Is yours?

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