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Fear Not

“Fear not: for they that be with us is more that they that be with them..”

2 Kings 6:16

Robert Lee said, there are several “Fear nots” in the scriptures. This is one for those overawed at the magnitude of the forces arrayed against them. It was truly an appalling sight that Elisha’s man-servant saw. Dothan, their residence just then, lay on an isolated hill in a wide plain. Rising up early in the morning to perform his accustomed task, he saw a great host of the enemy surrounding the town, and they were utterly undefended and apparently at the mercy of the besiegers. We are not surprised at the man’s alarm and dismay. It verily was a fearful sight.

The King of Syria was at war with Israel. His method of warfare was not a regular continued invasion, but by dashing across the border on undefended places. But he found himself forestalled at every point. Whatever place they decided to attack they found their plans were known, and the carefully planned surprises were defeated. No wonder he suspected treachery, and, calling his servants together, challenged them on the matter. Their prompt answer implied that Elisha’s intervention was well known by them. They declared that Jehovah revealed those carefully made plans of theirs to Elisha, who instructed the King of Israel. Therefore the Syrian king determined to send an expedition for the capture of Elisha, never dreaming that this servant of the Lord, who knew all his former schemes, might know of this one too.

We should not be surprised at all at the servant’s fear. There is no wonder that we too, are appalled as we remember the forces arrayed against us. Worse foes surround us than those armor glittered in the morning sunshine at Dothan. In these terrible times we live in today, it seems as if Satan and all his forces are attacking us on every side. All the Satanic forces seems to have united in one desperate onslaught upon the forces of righteousness and truth, and against the Lord’s people. Of the reality of those mighty enemies and of their bitter and fierce attacks, the Lord’s people are not ignorant.

Are we not as helpless to cope with them as this servant was? Then why should not we fear? Ah, this incident teaches us that we are not alone and deserted even when we seem most to be. And that, like Elisha, it is our duty, not so much to pray that the Lord and His host might be with us, as to recognize their presence. Elisha did not pray that the Heavenly guards might come, for they were there already. The manifestation was the miracle. God’s messengers are ever near us.   Let us remember this and thus, ever recognizing their presence, and, above all the presence of the mighty Lord, be delivered from all fear. For “greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.”

“The angel of the Lord encampedth round about them that fear Him, and delivereth them.”






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