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Seven Fools in the Bible

Seven Fools in the Bible

  • Atheistic Fool. Psalms 14:1. He says in his heart, “There is no God.” He wishes there was none, and so ventures to think and say there is no God. He is a fool for saying so, but he does not know. He has not searched every corner of the universe to see.
  • Rationalistic Fool. 1 Corinthians 15:35-36. He doubts the resurrection and denies all miracles, because he knows not the scriptures nor the power of God. An American skeptic was overcome and conquered by these two words. “Thou fool, that which thou sowest is not quickened except it die.” The weakness of man’s reason to grasp cannot make the Word of God of none effect.
  • Shameless Fool. Proverbs 14:9. This person “makes a mock at sin”. A miner in Tasmania lately had his eyes blown out of his head by an explosion. He was a thoughtless and profane man. A very common expression of his was, “God cursed my eyes.” Sin in the abominable thing which God Hates, and for which Christ shed His Blood. Yet fools make mock at it.
  • Thoughtless Fool. Matthew 7:26. He goes on building the house of all his hope for the future on the sand. So foolish is he that he expects to save himself by his own works, apart from that only foundation God, the rock Christ Jesus.
  • Industrious Fool. Luke 12:20. This person is not a skeptic; he does not make a mock of sin. He is thoughtful, active and careful about his business. But earthly goods are all that he is concerned about. He did well for himself, and men would praise him, but he was a fool in the sight of God, who weighs human lives in the balance of eternity. To trust in the abundance of riches and make not God your strength is supreme folly.
  • Self-Confident Fool. Romans 1:21-22. This person knows there is a God, but glorifies him not as God. Neither is he thankful, but becomes vain in his imagination and professing himself to be wise he becomes a fool. Oh, the folly of believing in God and honouring Him not as God! He sees the light, but love the darkness better.
  • Christian Fool. 1 Corinthians 4:10. “We are fools for Chris’s sake.” It is infinitely better to be a fool in the eyes of Christless men, and be wise in the sight of God, than to be a fool in the sight of God and wise in the eyes of sin-blinded men. The wisdom of Christ is as far above the highest wisdom of men as the folly of a fool is below it. So to be wise in Christ is to be as a fool in the eyes of the world. Festus called Paul mad (Acts 26:24). The world call our message foolishness (1 Corinthians 2:14). God has an asylum for these fools (John 14:2).


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