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Psalms 119

This month’s web message comes from the desk of Pastor William James Coleman, by way of his daughter, Julia R. Reece, and with the blessings of Pastor George Washington.


Paul advised Timothy to study so that he could rightly divide the Word of Truth and not be ashamed (II Timothy 2:15), but Moses told Joshua that if he would keep God’s Word and meditate on it day and night and then do what it says (be obedient), then he would prosper and have good success (Joshua 1:8).

Psalms 119 offers some special benefits of spending time in God’s Word. Chuck Swindoll has sought out one truth from each of the 22 divisions of this Psalm. Please read each of these verses, write them out in your notebook, and refer to them from time to time when you get tired of reading and studying your Bible daily. (Note that Psalms 119 is divided into 22 sections, each having 8 verses.)

  1. Verse 5 – God’s Word established my way
  2. Verses 9-11 – It purifies my life
  3. Verse 24 – God’s Word gives me counsel
  4. Verse 29 – God’s Word removes everything false in me
  5. Verse 38 – It produces reverence for God
  6. Verse 46 – It increases my courage
  7. Verse 50 – It comforts me in affliction
  8. Verses 61-62 – It guards me from panic
  9. Verse 66 – It teaches me discernment and knowledge
  10. Verse 79 – It makes me resourceful
  11. Verse 89 – It cultivates patience
  12. Verse 93 – It keeps me spiritually revived
  13. Verses 98-100 – His Word accelerates my understanding
  14. Verse 111 – It creates a joyful heart
  15. Verse 116 – Sustains me when I feel helpless
  16. Verse 128 – His Word enables me to honor right and hate wrong
  17. Verse 133 – It causes me to walk in the truth
  18. Verse 143 – Surrounds me with delight in spite of difficulty
  19. Verse 147 – It develops the discipline of prayer
  20. Verses 153-154 – It rescues me when I am defendless
  21. Verses 164-165 – It fills me with praise without and peace within
  22. Verse 176 – His Word draws mee back when I stray